Kashekye Hill View Tour

You will spend 2 full hours on this tour around the beautiful countryside. Our first stop will be at the tea plantation were you will get a stunning view of the vast green mile of well leveled tea plantation. You will get to know all about the process of growing tea and ask questions as well. Then proceed to witness first hand sustainable agro-farming practices in the are. >>>Read More

Nyabiiha Community Walk /Ride

This is a lovely journey that will take you around the local community for two full hours of some great interaction. First off we will take a walk to the hilly yet beautiful Bakiiga Terrace farm areas. This walk will no doubt be challenging yet so refreshing as you will enjoy the good air and great scenery of the green miles of hilly terraces.>>>>Read More.

Kitaba Community Bicycle Ride

This will be a six hour thrill discovery of the Kitaba Community such a lovely place and very friendly people. First of all you will get to visit the local UPE School and see all the little children at school, go to the local church and then interact with the local communities in these areas. Then you will have the opportunity to visit the breath taking Nyabiiha Falls. This is a legendary Water Fall through a gorge of 30M High with great escapements and the site is amazing.>>>>Read More

Ekoome-Cultural and Informal Education Campfire

This is a two hour awesome time of storytelling, cultural dancing, and traditional plays.. You will enjoy a tale of the local history of the community, a wonderful Kikiga dance brilliantly performed by the lovely young men and women of the Bwindi Cultural Hand Craft Group. Stories telling the experience of the traditional school where young adults were shaped to face the challenges of life, marriage, friendship.>>>>Read More